Waiting Room WiFi

Shouldn’t you explore the benefits of a waiting room WiFi solution?

For many sitting in a dentist office waiting room for an appointment is one of the most daunting experiences they face in their day to day lives. Around 1 in 10 people officially suffer from dental phobia and we can imagine why. Sat in silence waiting for your name to be called sweating on what could happen once you go through the doors and into the dreaded dentist’s chair can affect any of us.

A Pain Free Visit To The Dentist

Unfortunately as an IT consultant there is not much I can do about what happens once the receptionist calls your name and you are on your own in the dentist’s chair. However, we have been working with dentists to make the wait a little less painful. Two thirds of people in the UK have a smart phone and our aim is for you to be able to access the internet using the dental practice’s WiFi whilst you wait.

Waiting Room WiFi

We are currently collaborating with dentists across the UK to help them provide free WiFi to their patients as part of their overall service. That way instead of having to flick through ancient magazines and pretend to read the posters on the walls you can surf the web and watch videos to pass the time.

This is great for patients and dentists as it improves the overall patient experience and allows the dentist to control what they offer.

A Note For Dentists

Waiting room WiFi can be used for more than just surfing the web, the data it creates can be used to share information with patients, keep them updated and engage with them once they leave.

WiFi can be used to encourage people to sign up to online booking and management systems, allowing patients to book, change or cancel appointments without having to ring reception. It can also be used to get patients to contact the practice or as a reminder of future appointments.

If you run a dental or other type of healthcare practice where there is a waiting room then we have the knowledge to help you turn it into a valuable resource for patients and the practice.

Smart ….. isn’t it?

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