e-Gaming with Vidazone

Back in 2015 Vidazone were approached to design and deliver a high speed network for the hosting of CityLAN, a large scale e-gaming event that was to see 100s of gamers take part in a nonstop 60 hour gaming marathon; with thousands of spectators watching the events unfold.

The competitions were to be live streamed across the City, and beyond, meaning that the technology and gaming community would have its eyes on how Peterborough could deliver this high profile event and the extensive infrastructure it requires.

Vidazone Limited was delighted to partner with CityLAN, alongside City Fibre and the Peterborough Core, taking the lead role in planning and implementing the infrastructure to support the complex needs of this flagship event.

Challenges of Delivering e-Gaming on a Mass Scale

In order to deliver the necessary service to the gamers and those watching, Vidazone needed to ensure that the infrastructure created a gaming environment that was both fair and exciting.

This involved creating individual Local Area Networks (LANs) for teams of gamers competing in each gaming room and for the control of the live streaming and Peer to Peer (P2P) gaming elements. Wireless networking was also considered for guests and spectators during their time at the venue.

To ensure that each game had fair connectivity, and gamers were provided with a common experience, Vidazone supplied a high speed and low latency gaming environment for lots of users simultaneously; whilst still allowing the necessary bandwidth for internet browsing, video streaming and management traffic for the event. Differentiating all these requirements was key to the success of the three day expo.

How Vidazone Delivered

At Vidazone we have extensive experience in helping businesses balance their data requirements and deal with high demand.

We used a gigabit network backbone with wire speed connectivity available via the Peterborough Core, that was delivered to the venue, and separated each platform and game into its own connectivity pod to ensure a level playing field.

Using our experience we will also provided separate networks for visitors and the live streaming of the event.

In addition to the basic switching and security gateway elements the WiFi services provided users with simple on-boarding via email or social media accounts and a web portal advertising a full calendar of events for the weekend.

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