Providing the Infrastructure to Support e-Gaming on a Mass Scale - Back in 2015 Vidazone were approached to design and deliver a high speed network for the hosting of CityLAN, a large scale e-gaming event that was to see 100s of gamers take part in a nonstop 60 hour gaming marathon; with thousands of spectators watching
Creating A Pain Free Visit To The Dentist - Shouldn't you explore the benefits of a waiting room WiFi solution? For many sitting in a dentist office waiting room for an appointment is one of the most daunting experiences they face in their day to day lives. Around 1 in 10 people officially suffer
eSports In Peterborough – A Growing Trend - The eSports community is huge and growing fast, research shows that in Europe the market for eSports was more than £50m. This is a global phenomenon that attracts competitors and spectators from across the world. In recent years there has been a consistent focus on developing
How To Get An IT Consultant to Speak Your language - Using a specialist IT consultant can be an effective way of analysing the options available to improve the performance of your IT infrastructure. Or provide a solution for specific projects without the commitment of hiring a full time member of staff. The evolution of technology
The Value Of Business Collaboration When Operating B2B - The balance of the UK economy is changing and there is an increasing focus on bringing in specialised skills for projects rather than retaining them in house. This creates an opportunity for business collaboration for freelancers and small businesses that have well defined and specialist
IT Purchase Compared To A Managed Service - IT Purchase Compared To A Managed Service The needs of consumers, the technology and the way they use it to communicate with others are moving fast. This creates pressure within the IT industry to adapt, sparking a transformation in the way that products and services
Hotel WiFi Strategy - Hotel WiFi Strategy- How To Maximise Revenue & Gain Great Customer Reviews Previously Vidzone has looked at the ways in which optimising WiFi can affect the speed and efficiency of the operation of a business. This blog will focus on the hotel industry where I
How Social Media Managers of Bars, Restaurants, Hotels & Cafes Can Monetise WiFi For Their Clients - Monetise Your WiFi Service Why should you look to monetise your WiFi service? How can FREE WiFi be used to pay for itself and generate extra revenues? The job of a social media manager is to help businesses connect with their customers in a meaningful
The Challenge of Managing NHS IT Systems - The Challenge of Managing NHS Systems - Contracting IT Experts Public sector investment in the IT operations of the NHS, and the NHS Systems, receives a lot of scrutiny. The public is quickly made aware of the cost of failures in the design and implementation
Why NHS IT Consultants Should Not Be Demonised - Companies offering NHS IT Consultant Services Should Not Be Demonised The use of IT consultant services by organisations funded using public money is an area that has been open to high levels of scrutiny in recent years. The NHS is one organisation that is particularly