Business Collaboration

The balance of the UK economy is changing and there is an increasing focus on bringing in specialised skills for projects rather than retaining them in house. This creates an opportunity for business collaboration for freelancers and small businesses that have well defined and specialist skill sets. Operating as a freelancer or small business owner creates specialised resources that can add tremendous value. However, as these businesses look to expand their offering, or work with larger clients, this may create a resourcing challenge.

Coupled with the fact that many businesses want to limit the number of suppliers they deal with to increase accountability and efficiency, freelancers and small business owners are at risk of being left behind unless they adapt.

One way to combat this is to collaborate with other businesses to pool resources and create a larger and more efficient offering.

What Is Business Collaboration

Collaboration is where freelancers and businesses agree to work together or share knowledge to gain a competitive advantage. This can be done across a number of different disciplines such as marketing, operations or finance.  Business collaboration allows freelancers and business owners to target bigger opportunities without exposing themselves to the risk of overexposure; whether this be a skills gap, manpower gap or lack of individual finance.

The Value of Business Collaboration

The value of business collaboration allows freelancers and business owners to utilise resources and skills that may not exist or be accessible to the businesses individually.

A good example of this includes construction contractors such as electricians, builders and plumbers who work together to bid for whole projects rather than just their individual disciplines. This allows them to act as a much larger company in the eyes of their clients without the associated costs.

How Vidazone Embraces Business Collaboration

Business collaboration is an important part of the Vidazone business model, we work with specialists in social media, digital marketing, IT services and business consultancy to provide the best solutions to our clients.

This can include the marketing, proposal and delivery stages so that we can use our knowledge to bid for and deliver large projects that require multiple disciplines with the client only dealing with Vidazone and holding us accountable.

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