What is Vidazone?

By partnering with Vidazone we can help you provide a secure and trusted WiFi experience for staff, visitors and customers alike. Engaging online visitors and making improvements to your business performance in one neat solution.

Through the use of a single user account, connecting with followers via social media or just simply by redirecting people to your website, before they carry on with their day, you can find the best way to promote your business, organisation or service alike. Vidazone is the combination of an effective and secure wireless network with a leading online marketing solution backed up by the latest analytics tools.

Enable your customers to manage the way they interact with your site whilst still being able to offer promotions and special offers driving new, and improving current, revenue streams. Use proximity solutions to direct your customers to special offers and proactively offer coupons promoting all your latest deals.

Who is Vidazone for?

Wireless connectivity can be used by many businesses and organisations to help deliver the message they wish to advertise to their customers, visitors and supporters. There is so much that Vidazone can offer to you, unlock your imagination and come and discuss the exciting possibilities. Vidazone and its partner businesses work with:

How can Vidazone benefit you?

Don’t just see the deployment of free WiFi as a cost to your business, as a drain on resources you may feel are better placed elsewhere. Use a free WiFi deployment to engage with your customers, to drive loyalty and retention to your brand and ultimately to deliver a return on the investments you have made:

  • Use the power of WiFi analytics
  • Use the power of WiFi analytics
  • Use the power of WiFi analytics

Who is Vidazone?

  • Vidazone are a passionate group of IT and Marketing experts who have combined decades of experience to bring together a solution helping businesses to connect with new customers, target your marketing strategy, and focus on the best way to promote your latest offering.

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