Big Data from WiFi Analytics

On the 8th of February 2017 Vidazone took to the Peterborough Biscuit to exhibit and demonstrate our WiFi marketing platform to local businesses. Reading through this article we hope to offer a small insight in to just how powerful gathering WiFi Stats can be for any organisation.

The day was a great opportunity to launch our brand locally and spread awareness about the different types of businesses we are trying to help, notably restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and anywhere with a waiting room.


Our Day At The Peterborough Biscuit

During the day we had our Wi-Fi marketing solution active and connected for visitors within the range of our stand to use.
This allowed us to demonstrate our product to visitors to the stand and the marketing data that our solution generates and interprets. We had a busy day on the stand and our easy to access and high-speed connection was popular.

WiFi Stats - Client Device Type


What Did The Peterborough Biscuit WiFi Stats Show

The analytics our Wi-Fi provides is powerful for businesses and marketers.
Using our ability to see the number of devices walking passed or passing by the stand, we can see that the busiest time of day was the morning and that by 4pm the traffic was starting tail off.

WiFi Stats - Visitor Statistics for The Peterborough Biscuit

Of the 782 visitors we generated around 5,000 passing by, which indicates that people were using more than one device and walking around the exhibition centre several times or leaving the area and coming back.
Of those passing by 3% stopped and connected to our WiFi totalling 126 individual connections.

WiFi Stats - What percentage of Visitors stopped to talk?

This data is interesting to review as it shows us when the show was busiest, how many times people were circulating or coming within range of our stand and how many of those we could demo the system to or connect to our network.
From this data, it is easy to see how event organisers or those with retail space could benefit from having access to this data, particularly when combined with the marketing data such as social media likes and email.

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