Could Your App Be The Key To A Successful Public Event?

Whether it be a small village fete or a large scale festival, running an event requires a great deal of planning, organising and marketing to be successful.
One way that businesses and organisations can improve the experience of the event, for those that attend, is by designing and producing an app tailored to the event.
This app will be branded to the organisation and its content created specifically for the event depending on the different aspects at work. The app can be used to engage with those that are coming.

This can include giving them access to the event schedule as well as useful information for planning the event such as travel and accommodation information.
Importantly from a marketing perspective, the app can be used in a number of different ways. The app can be used to showcase event sponsors, giving them better exposure to attendees; as well as to send notifications and encourage attendees to share information about the event. The act of sharing widens the exposure to attendees’ friends and family via online routes such as social media; improving the marketing reach.