Vidazone - WiFi connectivity supporting Retail as a Leisure Activity

Retail As A Leisure Activity

The internet has been putting pressure on high streets and out of town retailers to adapt for more than a decade. Staying ahead of the curve and providing value to shoppers is crucial to ensuring that bricks and mortar retail shops can survive.

Retail As Leisure

Shopping has always had leisure connotations within certain sectors. However, retailers are being pushed to do more than just reinforce stereotypes in the modern competitive environment.

In a world of complete information, shopping has taken on a new dimension; retail outlets need to be friendly and convenient, whilst offering more than price as a competitive advantage.

Convenience and user experience have become key to both online and offline success in retail, and stores are just starting to catch up.

Retail as a leisure activity has been a prominent part of luxury retailing for a long time. However, it is now becoming a necessity. Consumers are judging shopping outlets by the service they receive, and the amenities available.

The range of expected amenities depends on the brand and the niche, although some things are expected: Wi-Fi access is a common customer expectation. With 87% of people checking store information on their phone before they hit the high street and 79% performing research in store.

Consumers are demanding Wi-Fi access as part of the standard shopping amenities such as changing rooms. This demand for information is a blessing and a curse; well informed consumers can make competition fierce.

Offering Wi-Fi in-store is also smart business; by doing so retailers can make their brand the access gateway and gather data about their customers. There may be an opportunity to cross-sell and gain marketing data.

Beyond Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is just one part of the retail mix, the retail space is highly competitive and what motivates consumers depends on a wide range of factors. But, retail outlets should strongly consider providing free Wi-Fi. After all, if people are going to access the internet in your shop, why not leverage that to promote your business.


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