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Monetise Your WiFi Service

Why should you look to monetise your WiFi service? How can FREE WiFi be used to pay for itself and generate extra revenues?

The job of a social media manager is to help businesses connect with their customers in a meaningful way and increase revenues. The way that social media managers of pubs, cafes, hotels and restaurants can achieve this is to find different ways of enhancing and building on the customer experience both during and after their patronage. WiFi is an often underappreciated tool in this process. When visiting a hospitality venue simple access to a WiFi connection with reasonable speed is an increasingly important hygiene factor for the public.


This is why we have launched Vidazone a platform that allows hospitality businesses to monetise their WiFi connection. Currently business owners and social media managers are not fully utilising the potential of WiFi for hospitality businesses. Whilst many offer free WiFi this is either being run off a standard connection and not being properly controlled or through a third party who insists on branding it to their business.

By taking control of this themselves there is potential for businesses to turn an expense into a marketing asset. By implementing their own guest WiFi solution hospitality businesses can connect to customers and speak to them every time they login.

This captive audience can be promoted to and converted whilst delivering a service; helping advocate your business over the long term. The use of social login for authentication allows you to identify everyone that connects to your network and build your presence on these platforms; whilst the use of analytics aids the sending of targeted offers and communications to your audience.

The data that our solution provides is enormously powerful in help to understand footfall and passing traffic that could be converted in to paying custom. Another article that we have written, Peterborough Biscuit Event WiFi Stats, provides an overview of the sort of information that can be collected using our WiFi Marketing tools.

Benefits To Social Media Managers

Vidazone are looking for social media managers working with companies in the hospitality sectors to partner with to implement and run revenue generating WiFi within these businesses. We have designed a structure whereby partnering with us you earn a residual income for the time your client is using our solution.

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