Could Business Co-Working Inspire Your Next Big Idea?

Why is business co-working so important to the current UK economy? There are more than 4.5m people that are registered as self-employed in the U.K and the figure is rising as the economic balance continues to shift as part of the recovery from the 2007 recession.

The sheer number of people working from home or from a small office has seen the rise in demand for business co-working opportunities.

What Is Business Co-Working

Business co-working is where freelancers and the self employed can go about their work in an open environment amongst other professionals.

For those that spend most of their professional lives alone this can come as a welcome relief from the monotony of a home office environment.  Co-working allows those home, or small, office workers to share ideas, collaborate and socialise with their professional peers.

Becky Evers Director of Cobden Place that offers co-working to businesses in Nottingham explained to us why co-working places are important.

“We run a co-working space as it encourages collaborative working, allowing people to share skills and help each other grow. People do not like working on their own all the time so we find it helps inspire business owners to develop ideas and keep a positive mental attitude when working within their business”

Where Can Businesses Co-Work

Business co-working is available as both a fee paying and complimentary service depending on where you go and the service provider.

The service is often provided by business centres, who can offer ongoing co-working access or ongoing events; how you get involved and what it will cost will depend on your relationship with the individual centre. For example co-working time is often incorporated into business services such as the provision of a virtual office.

Peterborough Jelly

Vidazone has taken part in a number of co-working events hosted by Allia Future Business Centre, usually taking place on the second Friday of each month, amongst fellow technology professionals. The centre is open and friendly and runs this event all day allowing us to catch up with old friends and meet new people.

With the centre being part of the Peterborough United stadium we also had an incredible view of the Stadium.

If you would like to join us at the next one sign up here – Peterborough Jelly

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