Boosting Charity Revenue for Pinnies and Huntingdon Mencap

Boosting Charity Revenue Using Guest WiFi Technology – Pinnies Cafe (Huntingdon Mencap)

One of our core product sets at Vidazone is linking guest WiFi solutions at physical retail locations with the digital marketing data that these interactions generate. A power tool to help boost charity revenue, one group of organisations we believe this has huge potential for,  particularly those with cafes or restaurants.

The data generated, and contact information submitted, can be a lucrative resource for businesses to strengthen their relationship with their customers, improve retention and increase the average number of visits to the location per month.

Pinnies Cafe Guest WiFi

Given our belief in the power of guest WiFi, we are proud of our ongoing support for local charity Pinnies with the combined digital presence of a new website their Facebook page and WiFi service offering.

Pinnies are a tea room, based in Godmanchester, linked to the Huntingdon Mencap branch, which is the brainchild  of three employees who had a dream to open a tea room where all were welcome.

What makes Pinnies unique is that both the customers and staff are an inclusive mix of those with and without learning disabilities. Rather than putting the general public off, it offers a friendly place to go for a hot drink and a tasty snack where they can meet people with learning disabilities and gain an insight into their lives.

Pinnies offer some of their service users the opportunity to gain short-term real world work experience in the shop.

The cherry on the cake? All the profits that Pinnies make go directly back into providing the vital services that Huntingdon Mencap offer.

What We Have Set Up

Vidazone has worked with Pinnies to install our innovative guest WiFi solution as part of our policy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Linked to their Virgin Media broadband service the WiFi solution provides customers free access to the internet using a social media account or an email address to identify them. Once each customer is on board they are directed to the Pinnies Facebook page, allowing them to browse what’s on offer, before surfing for alternate content online.

The solution has been in place since April 2016 and Vidazone continue to help Pinnies identify new ways to engage with repeat customers and to attract new ones by analysing the data the service is collecting. With a constant stream of planned events, and their involvement in their local community, this wonderful establishment is able to advertise to an increasing number of people. In 2017 we have worked with staff at Huntingdon Mencap and Pinnies to develop a new website and delivered Social Media training to help them improve the effectiveness of the posts they create.

As we have briefly mentioned earlier in this piece, Vidazone firmly believes that this can have a powerful application for charities with bricks and mortar locations and are delighted to be supporting Pinnies as they put their guest WiFi to work.

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