How Social Media Managers of Bars, Restaurants, Hotels & Cafes Can Monetise WiFi For Their Clients - Monetise Your WiFi Service Why should you look to monetise your WiFi service? How can FREE WiFi be used to pay for itself and generate extra revenues? The job of a social media manager is to help businesses connect with their customers in a meaningful
The Challenge of Managing NHS IT Systems - The Challenge of Managing NHS Systems - Contracting IT Experts Public sector investment in the IT operations of the NHS, and the NHS Systems, receives a lot of scrutiny. The public is quickly made aware of the cost of failures in the design and implementation
Why NHS IT Consultants Should Not Be Demonised - Companies offering NHS IT Consultant Services Should Not Be Demonised The use of IT consultant services by organisations funded using public money is an area that has been open to high levels of scrutiny in recent years. The NHS is one organisation that is particularly
The Challenges Of Wi-Fi Implementation - The Challenges Of WiFi Implementation The speed and connectivity of your IT network architecture can affect the efficiency of your business, impacting on employee productivity, the quality of service delivery and ultimately your reputation. When this network is serviced by WiFi connections, the speed delivered
Boosting Charity Revenue Using Guest WiFi Technology – Pinnies Cafe (Huntingdon Mencap) - Boosting Charity Revenue Using Guest WiFi Technology – Pinnies Cafe (Huntingdon Mencap) One of our core product sets at Vidazone is linking guest WiFi solutions at physical retail locations with the digital marketing data that these interactions generate. A power tool to help boost charity
Retail As A Leisure Activity - Retail As A Leisure Activity The internet has been putting pressure on high streets and out of town retailers to adapt for more than a decade. Staying ahead of the curve and providing value to shoppers is crucial to ensuring that bricks and mortar retail
SMEs & The Digital Transformation Challenge - SMEs & The Digital Transformation Challenge Digital transformation is one of the challenges facing small to medium sized businesses. How to adopt digital technologies within the products and services they offer;  and how to develop the processes that drive them. Regardless of size or industry
Could Business Co-Working Inspire Your Next Big Idea? - Could Business Co-Working Inspire Your Next Big Idea? Why is business co-working so important to the current UK economy? There are more than 4.5m people that are registered as self-employed in the U.K and the figure is rising as the economic balance continues to shift
Free Café Wi-Fi – Is Yours Running Wild and Out of Control? -   The usage of free Café Wi-Fi has been getting some bad press recently with the BBC, Guardian focusing on some of the potential negative impacts of providing Wi-Fi without an effective business case and strategy. These reports talk about the impact of a lack
Getting Value Offering Free Wi-Fi To Customers - How do you Generate Value Free Wi-Fi has moved from a niche perk to a must have service for many businesses as customers now expect to be able to access the internet from anywhere. In some industries, free Wi-Fi has become a controversial concept, seen